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Hannah Crawshaw

Group Lead, Customer and Compliance Services

Inland Revenue NZ

Hannah is an experienced Group Lead which translates loosely to Customer Service Manager, known for effectively leading teams of front-line customer service representatives. Hannah has a Bachelor's degree in Human Resources and Industrial Relations, and has spent time within project and management roles spanning from front-line customer service, self-service projects, to workforce planning. She has a background that supports a practical approach to leadership, a focus on operational efficiency and a passion for continuous improvement.

A highlight of Hannah's career has been managing large teams during a significant business transformation. This experience has helped Hannah develop valuable skills in navigating organisational changes, learning on the fly, becoming comfortable with testing new approaches, and supporting team members through transitions.

Beyond work, Hannah enjoys photography, a range of different art activities with her children, and sewing and a love for walking the hills around Te Whanganui-a-Tara.

Hannah remains dedicated to fostering a positive and productive environment for both the team and customers, striving for excellence in every aspect of the role.

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